Getting Our Act Together

"The World Climate Authority" ~ "The World Fox & Hound Authority."

There are so many issues that impact or are impacted by climate change that it boggles the mind, and then boggles it again. (Boggled boggles are a new concept in human evolution and ethics, that I am proposing the establishment of a new research university....)

(It is quite clear that a year and 7 months of more or less time and a half just reading, mulling and writing have taken their toll. And that's seven days per week and almost no one wants to talk to me: I either frighten them or bore the hell out of them. But onward.)

This feels to me like a mid-term exame for humanity. For those that have taught and counciled and advised the expectations are not high.

To list all the isues I think this Mac Pro (not the lap top; $4,000 enlarged coffee can) would run out of ink. So let's simplify:

1. Where are we?

2. How did we get here?

3. How do we get out without wrecking the place and ourselves?

A few obvious causes come to mind. Not paying attention. Not realizing what we have. Greed. Not realizing we could have much more. Not realizing there is no turning back, and there may at some point no longer an opportunity to go forward which could be a description of many different problems, only this is one of those that is really for keeps. And just to make life a touch more interesting, fate gives us a diety/crown prince/aspiring hier to the throne/never passed an English course personage in the most powerful office in the world.

It would be far less of a problem if he were a little slow, needed some remedial tutoring, and so forth. But one does not remedy nasty and evil chaos.

If this were the right play write, we would get a good chuckle and go home. As it is I often feel like crying and don't know what to do except read and write. But my computer is out of ink.

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