WARMING - John Wawrzonek

The climate poster is available for download or for purchase from me at my cost. Sizes up to 44 x 60". e-mail carbon@theearthistoast.com.

ONCE LONG AGO all of humanity lived in one place, although a large one, it was a space that the majority of moden humans would like not to be associated with. The place was Africa and it was the only place where homo sapiens lived.

Theylived in tribes that procured their food by hunting and gathering. For the most part they lived in peace but for reasons unknown to us, a group, likely a few thousand chose to move north. As far as we know today, from analysis of their genomes, a portion split of and headed east towards India. The rest migrated north to an area we today call the Levant, and some continued on to the place we call Scandanavia.

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