LESSON NO.1 HOW TO MAKE A LIE TRUE1. BROACH THE IDEA: "I'VE BEEN HEARING THINGS."NO EVIDENCE. NO PEOPLE. NOTHING BUT RUMORS.2. GET SOME HELPGET SOME PALS ON FOX TO START TALKING ABOUT IT3. GET MORE HELPGET MORE PALS: "DID YOU HEAR WHAT I HEARD ON FOX"WHAT? OBAMA IS A MUSLIM. TRUMP HAS PROOF.This is how I imagine it goes. Now one year later, 1/3 of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim. The trick: Make it sound like there might be facts and someone will make them facts.IT IS INSIDIOUS. IT CAN DESTROY A DEMOCRACY.It doesn't matter that it's bullshit. Some people will WANT to believe it. And they have all the justification they need.And they will convince others.And a lie become true. "I've been hearing things" is like a worm. It finds holes where there are things to eat.And it eats them.Do this a dozen times, and the whole house is rotten.And it falls down.And whoever started it, builds his own house.And the rest of us are homeless.

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