From Before Time Until Now

IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS NOTHING. If you can image it, there was no space and no time. And then for reasons that cannot be explained something mathematicians call a "singularity" (and everyone else calls the "big bang") appeared. No one can explain why. It lasted the shortest time there can be, about 10-44 seconds and is the smallest length there can be, about 10-33 cm, (that's a decimal point followed by 31 zeros and the number one) and that is far smaller than an atom.

ONE OF THE MOST ASTONISHING THINGS IN ALL CREATION is that from this "point" a universe weighing about 1044 kilograms was created including about 1022 stars in a space of about 90 billion light years.

THE UNIVERSE IS ABOUT 14 BILLION YEARS OLD. Our Earth is about 5 billion years old, and our species, homo sapiens, is about 300,000 years old, a tiny sliver of the age of the universe.
WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN the stunning gifts of consciousness and sentience (the ability to experience something), gifts that science, despite its amazing accomplishments, cannot yet explain. And perhaps it is even more important that we have yet to recognize the purpose of our own creation, that the gifts of consciousness and sentience give us the opportunity to love, create and experience joy, the greatest gift of all. For this reason it is sad beyond measure that we do not appreciate what we have been given and are putting it all at risk. We are acting like our war-like ancestors rather than the special creative beings that we are.

IT IS FOR THIS REASON I draw out these time-lines. They are in some ways incomprehensible but I think being aware of this incomprehensibility gives us an idea of how special we ourselves are and how frightening it is to find ourselves putting everything we are at risk by not caring for the Earth. It is a stunning irony that just as we are realizing who we are, that we are on the verge of destroying what has made our existence possible. As a species we have not yet learned to recognize how stunningly special our minds are and the joy we can experience, for we are still fighting the wars that helped create us.


Typical Image of a Cluster of Galaxies
Our own galaxy, the Milky Way.
NGC 3372
Among its Billions of Stars is Our Own Sun and Solar System
And Orbiting One of the Stars is Our Own Planet Earth
The Earth Is One of Nine Planets Orbiting the Sun
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