ORIGINS - John Wawrzonek


The Earth as well as all humans had their origin in the
Grand Singularity almost 14 billion years ago.

Evolution brought homo sapiens.

THIS AMAZES ME BEYOND WORDS. The Singularity led inexorably to modern man.

The scientific script reads like an impossible, stunning, supremely elequent play with no room for revisions, but infinite room for improvisation. The script is all the laws of physics. The improv is quantum mechanics and the Heisenberg Uncertainity Principle. Physics is a set of laws that you cannot pin down exactly. The stars will form, but precisely where and when is up to chance.

THE TIME SEEMS INCREDIBLE. 13.82 billion years, yet on a cosmic scale it makes no difference. What matters is the difference between the impossibly small Singularity and the enormanity of what came from it, some 1044 kilograms of matter. There were no accidents involved. A planet perfectly suited to human life, and then the life itself.

Our minds were given consciousness and sentience so we could see and think. Our brains could decifer the entire history of where we came from. Then why then could we not treat our jewel of a planet so it would not be destroyed. I have yet to meet someone who understands the question let along having an answer. Science can explain everything after the big bang except the origin of life, consciousness and swentience. Science can unite the four forces but not keep us in touch with the roots of life.
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