I. PREFACE - John Wawrzonek
I. Preface
THIS WEBSITE is intended to be an overview of the state of our planet.

SCIENCE, MEASUREMENT objectivity and reality are my guidelines. Solid scientific backgrounds inform my work.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT is my goal of being broad in my view. I start not from today, but from the beginning of time itself. I try to reach beyond science to the arts to express truth that science cannot reach, but always give primacy to science.

TO AVOID SUSPENSE I will tell you now that the news is not good. Ever since I became aware of the threat to the future of our home planet, sadness and anguish have been the prevailing mood.

HOWEVER THERE ARE STILL CHOICES to be made that can make a great difference in the long run. But it will be very hard to implement them because of the attitudes of our leaders.

IF THERE IS DOUBT in your mind as to the reality of global warming and the seriousness of its impact, I can tell you I would stake my life on my conclusions and have no motive for my outlook except intellectual honesty. I have studied what so called "deniers" have to say and am dumbfounded by the lack of reason behind their outlooks. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, perhaps this one will help. Elections are won by 51% vs 49%. This margin is over 90% to less than 10%. There are always motives to choose a different view and sometimes they are good ones. In this case they are not.

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