JEWEL OF JEWELS - John Wawrzonek

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Money and Morality

The Executives of Big Oil knew they were destroying our planet.

And Our Leaders ignored the problem, so big oil could prosper.

Because Our Leaders Knew when Big Oil prospered our leaders did too.

There Is Something That Cuts Deeper than anything I have ever known before,
to have a rich man sell humanity's home for the only thing he needs,
which is the praise of other rich men.

Now His Deaf Eyes and Blind Ears will never know the price humanity paid
and his soul will go on as before 'til the last molecule
of CO2 warms his heart and the Earth's too.

Dispairing for a Miracle I have heard of Paul's New Song and many others
in the chorus and for the first time I believe the cut will not be so deep
that we cannot join together the hopes we need.

A Technical Duality

I Am Just An Engineer who could not go on without doing something.

So I Have Studied and Thought and remembered lessons I learned from some great men.

After Nine Months of Twelve Hour Days I have many words, whose value may well be nil.

I Will Write More Than is On This Page but there are just two initiatives that
I believe we cannot do without.

A Permanent

to initiate, officiate, and
motivate at a level of brilliance never seen before and a


to remove all CO2 that has been put into the atmosphere beyond Bill McGibbens 350 p/m
so that the Earth may return to being the place created for all humanity.

There are a few images mixed in with the tragic ones that are my own from 40 years of photographing the landscape, and which created a love of the Earth perhaps not for me in any other way.

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