Our Relationship to the Earth

From the sublime to the ridiculous.

From a sidewalk to a mountain trail. From the profitable to the garbage dump.

From the baby's first steps to the grave. From a puddle to the South Pacific.

From rotund to starvation. From drought to flood.

It is a relationship unlike any other for there are so many relationships, so many qualities and so many responsibilities and so much to take advantage of. The image in my mind is a little like Earthrise except there is just a glimmer of red light amount countless stars and my speechless picture of its neighborhood, and of its history and of our interdependence with the sun and moon.

How could this be that the universe gave us the sun, moon and earth and then somehow life but life with the intelligence to decipher the process, the timeline, the big bang.

We begin counting at 10-43 seconds after the big bang and billions of years later we are still counting, wondering where it is all going to take us and whether we have fucked it up so badly it won't take us anywhere.

There may be billions of others like it but we have been listening for fifty or so years and haven't heard anything.

Hunter gatherers had a relationship with the earth that encompassed everything. We can have a relationship that encompasses nothing but a chair. Once agritulture arrived we were divorced. Farmers stayed on but it was now a business, and the hunters likely hunted humans and are still doing it. And I haven't even touched on the exploding stars that gave us the raw material for gravity to play around with (with the help of Higgs bosons, of course; once you start reaching an infinite number of roads lead to an infinite number of places and a picture of Higgs crying after receiving the Nobel prize, because now we knew how the earth gets its mass).

APerhaps you get a little of why I am not crazy about strip mining or oil barons.

And why I lay awake at 3 am wondering if it's too late.


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