HUMANITY - John Wawrzonek


Never in the course of human events...

...were so many unaware of so much.

...was so little told to so many.

...did so many sell their souls for cash.

...were so many decieved by so many.

...were so many lies told so often by so few.

...were so many "knowledgable" luminaries so oblivious.

...was so much cruelity dispensed so freely in front of so many.

...were so many lies the accepted form of truth.

...were so many blind to a catalysm that had already begun.

...did the rightous look the other way.

...did color confer so much sorrow.

...was so much cruelity delivered with so much knowledge.

...did humanity begin to realize that perhaps it was not so humane afterall.

...did so few realize how much was at stake.

Through a year and a half and then some of working on this web site I have had running through my head "they don't get it."

I don't know any more. Certainly more do understand. But there is no focus that I would express as an encompassing, diverse, kindly, understanding WORLD CLIMATE AUTHORITY."

In this kind of crisis there has to be uninimity, discipline, force if necessary, justice, compassion.

We have done it before, but the rate of increase of bad news (first and second derivatives) seems overwhelming, that unless we get lucky....

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