IN ANOTHER'S SHOES - John Wawrzonek



Before the Walk


a few synapses in an aged mind

knocking at walls for an entrance to meeting

something to fill the space that has felt empty 

for two score and ten

covered with reflections so someone might see

something other than the space

that keeps echoing the need

for another's shoes

that are patently unnecessary

a few strings are all that are needed

to connect voices loud and clear in tune or out

the instruments don't matter

it is the strings that count

John Wawrzonek digital composition:  String Sextet in G for Horns. Based on an original photograph by Douglas Saglio.

© 2018 by John Wawrzonek except for diagrams, photographs and some text for which I have not had time to get permissions where needed. Their use is entirely editorial. Nothing in the site is for sale except for the image above. All opinions expressed are solely mine.

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