SEA LEVEL RISE - John Wawrzonek


A New Kind of Real Estate

RISING SEAS COULD WIPE OUT $1 trillion worth of US homes and businesses.
(Eric Holthaus, Grist, June 18, 2018)

This story is based on a report "Under Water" by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

"Hundreds of thousands of homes are at risk of chronic flooding due to sea level rise over the coming decades. The implications for coastal residents, communities, and the economy are profound."

OF ALL THE CONSEQUENCES of climate change, rising sea levels are the most certain and least stoppable. Glaciers will continue to melt and the water will continue to increase in temperature, causing it to expand. At the present time (June 2018) approximately 25 US cities are experiencing flooding, and many coastal islands are shrinking and will soon disappear.

HOWEVER THE MOST SERIOUS PROBLEMS will happen in the coming decades, within the lifetimes of our children and grand children.

One dramatic example is New Jersey where by 2045, 62,209 of today's homes are at risk of becoming chronically inundated. Today those homes are worth a collective $26,788,098,819 (that is nearly $27 trillion dollers).

In some areas, the rising intensity of storms combine with rising sea levels to keep eating away at the shorelines. Homes once built hundreds of feet from the water now have to be moved further inland or abandoned.

MASSACHUSETTS COAST during and after storms. Coastal erosion has become routine with homes lost even after having been moved hundreds of feet from the shoreline.

RED:THOSE PARTS OF THE WORLD subject to serious flooding.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC~Picture of Miami coast extremely vulnurable to rising sea levels.

BELOW~Flooding in the United States if all the ice in the world melted.

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