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Going, Going....Gone?


I AM TAKING BETS (JWICEBETS.COM) on the first summer without ice in the Arctic.

CLIMATE CHANGE IS PUSHING TEMPERATURES UP most rapidly in the Arctic and the trend is such that the loss of the so called albedo effect (the white ice and snow reflecting sunlight back into space) will result in an increase in global warming. The loss of sea ice is evident from the satellite graph below.

THE ANTARCTIC SHOWS GROWTH OF ICE in some areas but the general reports show a net decrease.

HOWEVER, the enormous amount of ice in the Antarctic with a glacier about the size of Delaware breaking off and with the melting of the connection to the land or large areas of ice is likely to be a substantial negative effect in the longer term.

As I understand it, the Delaware-size glacier was floating and so does not contribute to sea level rise, whereas the breaking free of glaciers underwater will increase the level of the ocean.

THE NET EFFECT IS SERIOUS and affecting whether where you live right now.

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