Why do so many who have "made it"
just turn their attention to "being wealthy."

UNTIL ABOUT 7000 YEARS AGO we lived as hunter-gathers and attributed all of nature to the action of various gods. With the advent of agriculture a much smaller portion of the population was involved in food production leaving the rest to seek power and wealth with the genetic makeup they had evolved as hunter-gathers. Power and hording are instincts endemic today even in "advanced" societies and more and more in the last half century in the United States.

THE CONSEQUENCE IN THE UNITED STATES is a society and government of the rich and powerful, by the rich and powerful and for the rich and powerful. Abraham Lincoln's famous words "...of the people, by the people, and for the people..." have perished from this earth.

THE BLINDNESS OF HOARDING AND POWER leaves the earth to shift for itself. It is the irony of ironies that just as we arrive with the technology to provide for all and nourish the earth our blindness becomes deaf also, unable to hear the groans of the earth as we blast, drill, fract and strip it of its carbon and evaporate it into the atmosphere to make a house for it we call green, that really is an oven that is burning and drying.

THE OIL BARONS knew decades ago what they were doing to the climate, but it must be genetic that we cannot help the hungry while we hunger for more and more. Our million dollar homes and yachts are built on the graves of the worn out and dead: children, miners, victims of religious wars and of dynastic addictions.

HOMOGENITY OF THOUGHT has become endemic. It seems that the more we have the more we want and being well-off has glued the well-off together to perpetuate the myth that lower taxes benefit everyone. Ironically, the myth will eventually have enormous consequences for everyone as each tribe walks lockstep in its views, and "evidence" is a word that no longer seems understood.

GLOBAL WARMING is now a victim of homogenity of thought. If you are in the same category as the alt-right or the super rich and many others, you assume their attitude about the climate without a second thought.

WE CAN NO LONGER TELL if salvation of the earth is possible. If it is, it is a long shot and in the present world it is the one trigger we are not likely to pull.

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