JOY - John Wawrzonek

Maybe a Whiff of a Chance

Something over 50 years ago I was still in high school and living in Rhode Island when the weather conspired to send storms straight up off the east coast and directly over us. I remember the names Carol and Edna. The eye of Carol passed right over us. I remember hearing that the winds were 120 miles per hour. It was scary for a kid.

But that was kindergarten and this is grad school. I am still watching live coverage of Florence, but you will see somewhere among these slides residential ares that reminds me of my mother telling me to clean my plate. Nothing. And there is one picture, middle-aged woman, red shirt, cigarette pack, wreck of a boat that transcends the others.

As I have studied, searched and tried to apply my 50+ year old engineering skills, I am completely overwhelmed by what is NOT being said, and the casual attitude most governments are taking.

No one is putting into simple words what is coming. Everything in every picture is the result of CO2 of less than 410 ppm and global temperature rise of less than 1°C. What is coming is going make this seem like April showers. Florence is stalled over the Carolinas at this very moment (12.15.2018 1:30 PM). I will put up pictures asap.

There is so much that is misleading about talk about climate change. I have 7 years of MIT engineering and physics under my belt and 14 years at Bose Corporation in communicating technical information to non-technical customers. I had lots of help, but it is almost a science unto itself.

Every word brings up different images depending on your background. Scientists are the best and the worst. The good ones do great work but a cataclysm becomes "significant damage." It drives me looney.

Now we face the biggest language crises of human history.

1°C with 410 ppm has been the measure of global warming so far.

The Paris Accords said they would shoot for less than 1.5°C. Chance of that. Zero. The climatologists are afraid to think of what 2.0°C is going to do and it is almost certain we will not make that.

No one is in charge. No organization, like a World Climate Authority is in charge.

There is no leader to coordinate and light a fire under everyone.

When I first read about global warming in 2006 I said to myself: "we're screwed."

Dr. James Hansen, who first testified in front of Congress in 1988 recently said, and I quote: "The shit has hit the fan."

Apologies for the language but it is way too late to beat around the bush.

We need a dictatorship of the climate. Now.

My mentor, Dr. Bose did not know the meaning of can't. The quote from him was etched into the glass wall of his office.

And I heard a lecture by Dr. Rainer Weiss and sat next to him at dinner. He started the project that is probably the greatest physics experiment of all time. No one believed they could measure gravity waves. Albert Einstein, who predicted them, said they would never be detected they were too small. About 1/10,000 the size of a proton. It took 50 years but they did it. The Noble prize committee could not get out the prizes fast enough.

What these two men did has nothing to do with global warming. But it does have everything to do with negative emissions. We have to do that and fast and taking the atmosphere of the earth to the laundry should be impossible. I don't buy it.

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