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In Katowice, Poland 5 entities


hold the fate of the world and civilization in their hands

~to "WELCOME" means to make a part of the family
to "NOTE" means to nod in passing

~to "WELCOME" means to affirm the entire IPCC process
to "NOTE" means to declare all the science and effort as meaningless

Never in the history of mankind has civilization
hung by such a slender thread.

Oil company executives have known since 1959 they are destroying the earth by pushing fossil fuels

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AP/Haraz N.

Ghanbari Oil company executives, from left, ExxonMobil Chairman and CEO Rex Tillerson, Chevron Chairman and CEO John Watson, ConocoPhillips CEO James Mulva, Shell Oil President Marvin Odum, and BP America chairman and president Lamar McKay testify on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Edward Teller in 1959 addressing oil company meeting on the dangers to the planet of fossil fuels

Global warming can bring a new hell at any minute
like this FIRE TORNADO in California.
Every minute we waste can bring heretofore unimagined horrors
here is an example

click here  FIRE TORNADO

"What Andrews didn’t know was that the Carr Fire — to that point a dangerous but rather ordinary California inferno — was about to spawn something monstrous: a fire tornado the likes of which the state had never seen.

The vortex of air ripped around a column of rising heat, flames licking its walls. A freak of meteorology, it would annihilate everything in its path, uprooting trees and crumpling electrical towers. For the men and women who spend their summers on the fire lines, the tornado was an ominous glimpse of the extremes our warming climate will bring."

To the United Nations:
we must have a permanent

World Wide Climate Authority

for making sure the right things are happening everywhere
and that everyone knows about it

Above: Fire tornado  from helicopter.

Pretender to the Throne of "Chief Arsonist"

click for more on "chief" Trump: WOULD YOU LIKE THIS MAN TO BE YOUR FIRE CHIEF?


Each slide shows something made worse by global warming. Global warming makes all weather events worse, 


1. Leave your car in the sun
2. It will get hot inside
3. Leave the windows wide open and it stays cool

4. Light is energy so it can't just vanish
5. If it hits something white (like snow) it is reflected
6. Otherwise it is absorbed and turned into heat
7. Then it is trapped by the window glass, just like a greenhouse gas


Engineers who have worked with power systems know of and have likely witnessed a phenominon called "thermal runaway" where rising temperature feeds on itself and runs out of control. Full thermal runaway is unlikely but something close enough that we would call "hell on earth" is not just a possibility, but a clear-eyed view says is likely because of what we are NOT DOING.

We already have flooding cities, vicious storms, record breaking wildfires and temperatures, mega-droughts, rising sea levels and despite all this and more THERE IS NO SENSE OF URGENCY OF THOSE IN POWER. There is no time left. In fact we are about 30 years late. What the hell is wrong with humanity? This is our only home. We have mega amounts of work to do to stave off a world none of us would like to live in. Let alone leave to our children's children.

Look at my graphs below. We are at what is known as the inflection point of an exponential curve. When we pass this, which we are doing right now, satan will seem like a friendly neighbor.

John Wawrzonek, MIT '63, '65, '67

What we must have is


and a plan.

here is a good example why:  Polish Meeting

The Situation: Critical

How to saddle your grandchildren's children with hundreds of trillions of dollars in debt

1. Emissions are rising, with the United States being a major contributor and the president doing everything in his power to make the situation worse.

2. Negotiations between IPCC and country representatives are going nowhere and have no prospect of going anywhere. The negotiations are with "representatives" of the various countries who themselves have no authority. It is likely they go back to their individual countries and communicate with representatives of the leaders, who then speak with the leaders. The likelihood that the leaders understand the severity and urgency of the situation is near zero.

3. No one knows how fast emissions will rise or fall. If the present situation continues (which is likely) then the climate will reach a critical state in the next 10 years if it has not already done so.

4. There is no effective process for getting leaders in line, since they do not know what to do and do not comprehend the need for immediate and drastic actions.

5. There are several scenarios by which emissions could rise drastically with no possibility of reduction. The most likely is reaching a critical state of melting of the tundra releasing large quantities of methane, a greenhouse gas 30 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. Other unknowns are the recent discovery of ocean temperatures 60% higher than thought and the release of methane from deep in the ocean.

6. The greenhouse effect is still not understood by the population as a whole and by leaders in general. They do not realize that the earth is WHOLLY covered with a heat trapping blanket that is constantly growing in thickness like a metastasizing cancer and is not reversible.

7. The cost of remedies is already in the hundreds of billions of dollars and will soon reach trillions and eventually hundreds of trillions of dollars. It is unlikely the population of the earth can cope with this while storms, temperatures and disease increase and water supplies and food supples decrease. Every delay increases the prospects of this utterly bleak scenario.

A plan that is specific about each issue, need, goal for every geographic entity and every technology that is critical to success. The story in Climate Home News indicates why we are in a hopeless position without an authority and without US suasion there is little chance for one.

Each is in the context of the others so efforts do not compete, but reinforce each other. It is time to get moving. It is time to stop wasting time.

To reduce future damage, suffering, and loss of life we need specifics in these areas:


1. Get some engineers: who are a bit less meticulous but know how to get things done, and speak plain, forcful English. "It is highly likely...." does not get the point across as well as "If we don't do this we're dead."

2. Combine engineers with scientists to create ACTION PLANS.

TECHNOLOGY: The need and role of each.

1. Negative emissions: A research and evaluation plan so we can execute asap. "It is highly likely..." does not get the same action as: "If we don't do this we're dead."

2. Nuclear power: is now ABSOLUTELY SAFE and essential to provide large quantities of emission free power anywhere.

3. Wind Power: What is its role, where, how much, who does it. Wind power has become economical and is already a significant contributor. How do we optimize its contribution?

4. Energy storage: Evaluate new lithium technology as well as other approaches. Make recommendations.


1. Develop a working plan for each country and other appropriate geographic entities with assessments, targets, methods (i.e. nuclear, biomass, conservation) so leaders know what to do.

2. Develop financial plans for technology development and assistance to countries that cannot afford to do what they must do.

3. Work with mega-wealthly businesses and individuals to fund "SAVE THE EARTH" because that is where the money is now. Failure on the part of the wealthy to do their part will cause untold suffering and destruction. Develop an "encouragement plan" to get President Trump to do what an intelligent president would do.


1. Hold public hearings to make known to the world how good a plan each country has.

2. Hold "PROGRESS REPORT HEARINGS" every 6 months so everyone knows how everyone is doing.

3. Put a giant display in Times Square, New York that shows on an ongoing basis how each plan is going.

4. Put up a giant THERMOMETER in Times Square, New York to show how the earth is doing.

5. Put up a giant EMISSIONS GUAGE in Times Square, New York to show how the people of the world are doing.


Spring Morning After Storm

Spring Morning After Storm, Sudbury River, Ashland, Massachusetts


Look at this graph I made. It is simple. It just takes what has happened and extends it. And you can see it grow.

We are now at the place where that growth is about to take off, and to put it in plain English, there will be hell to pay.

The United Nations IPCC keeps making predictions. But without the United States behind it, we can't stop it.

This is not new. It was predicted in 1824 by a French scientist named Joseph Fourier (all engineers know who he is).

The oil companies were lectured about it in 1959 by Edward Teller the inventor of the H-Bomb.

Congress got a complete lecture in 1988 from James Hansen, the head of climate science at NASA at that time. But what it did amounted to zero. Hansen's latest words were: "the shit has hit the fan." Or we have probably dragged this out too long.

So what does our president do, he wants to pay coal companies, the worst possible fuel, to mine more of it. I guess the closest I could describe my feeling is despair. I want to scream and cry at the same time. How could anyone, let alone the president, be so totally out of it. He could easily go down in history (if there is any) as the man who destroyed the Earth.

What can you do? Put voting for candidates that get it on climate change at the top of your list. Then write them, call them, and anyone else in power, and tell them that you are "very afraid."


The vast increase in weather anomalies has coincided with the increase of CO2 in the air so there can be no question as to the cause of the weather extremes: Storms, heat, drought, floods, and so forth that are plaguing many parts of the world. And all the scientific evidence supports the connection.

We are squabbling over what to do, and the IPCC is not getting the cooperation it needs. Somehow, the reports and pictures of record wildfires, storms, floods, heat, etc. are not registering. Going up 1/2 degree C will make things half again as bad. Going up two degrees will make things twice as bad.


And we are saddled with a moron for a president and a population that on the whole that does not comprehend what is happening.

It does take some scientific knowledge and reasoning ability to understand that climate change is not like a bad cold that can be cured, it is like a bad cancer that keeps getting worse and the treatment, if it can be made to work at all, will be enormously expensive, but we have no other place to go.

So like blithering idiots we shut down our science operations, and have a president do nothing but feed his ego. If you do believe the Bible, it could well be the end-times, and we have the devil himself as president to be sure all goes un-well. So the output of carbon dioxide has continued to increase despite promises, and the United States is the worst contributor, not even acknowledging the existence of a problem.

Along the coast  in Massachusetts. A stark example of what is happening. Despite being built on stilts, bigger storms and higher sea level and it will not take much more and this house will be gone.

Thus the present situation:

1. Global warming is getting worse; i.e. the average temperature of the earth is rising;

2. The rate at which the temperature is increasing is increasing;

3. All the havoc to date is the result of a 1°C rise
compared to the recent past;

4. Another 1/2 degree rise is certain, and another degree very likely.

That is expected to double the effects of warming. With record storms and 180 mph winds, record fires, record droughts, temperatures so high that you either die in your home or find a river to cool off in.

The nations of the world must recognize the problem and change their behavior immediately.

However, as politicians sit in air-conditioned offices far from on-going tragedies, one can get agreement but not action. Other problems and especially political survival take priority.

The presumption is that the leaders understand the problems. They do not. Or they are being lobbied by oil companies or are fighting other nations over far less important issues. Deniers are in the same situation. They do not comprehend that there is a difference between metastasizing cancer and the flu.

Then there are communication problems. Scientists speak a different language or speak the same language in a different way. They are so concerned with being precise, that urgency and conviction are lost. We are in a downhill spiral, and barring a miraculous coalition of leaders, the earth will become less and less livable until the lights just go out. The United Nations' IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) keeps holding meetings trying to find a way to get nations to cooperate, but without the power and suasion of the United States, I believe that is close to impossible. And the United States doesn't even admit officially that a problem exists and is encouraging the increased use of fossil fuels. A more dire situation is hard to imagine.

A combination of a failure of a full understanding of what is happening combined wtth an inability to communicate with each other or with the public adds up to a situation that is intractable. In addition the fossil fuel companies continue to push their products despite having known for decades their effect on the earth.

In the absence of understanding there were many preconcieved notions of what was true. This applied especially to conservative politicians, conservative religions, a large portion of the congress and, of course, the president.

The president pushed the issues even further by attacks on science and the beginnings of a systematic dismantling of the science functions of government, an act of extraordinary ignorance and harm.

What I have tried to do has begun to feel like an epic struggle against the forces of evil, a morality play with villains, heroes, an army of enemies and an army of supporters and every other necessary entity including, of course, the devil himself.

What began as an attempt to draw attention to global warming has turned into an examination of many parts of the human experience, of science and scientists and of global warming itself. None of them are what they seem to be. However, it has revealed to me a collossal degree of destruction with far worse yet to come. It has also revealed, despite much activism, a nation and a world not able to comprehend and confront this ultimate danger.

Global warming is a kind of perfect storm with the powers furthering the destruction and most able to do something about it, either ignorant or greedy. There is no time left. If James Hansen's negative emissions are going to make or break the outcome then every minute wasted in not getting to work makes the problem more expensive and the outcome less likely to be good. And, for the most part, leaders do not get how serious this is. Back in my first engineering studies, we had a term for situations like this. The term was

It means "out of control." And that is where we are. Except there are vastly more rapid and serious versions of it. And that is where we are heading.

The State of Our Planet

"...We must...find our way to “negative emissions,” extracting more carbon dioxide from the air than we contribute to it. If emissions, by miracle, do rapidly decline, most of the necessary carbon absorption could be handled by replanting forests and improving agricultural practices....If not, “massive technological CO₂ extraction,”....will be required. Hansen estimates that this will incur costs of $89 trillion to $535 trillion this century, and may even be impossible..."

1. It is illusive and nearly impossible to communiate what it has done elsewhere and what it is going to do.

2. Much of what it does is to amplify what would have happened anyway but resulting in record fires, winds, rainfall, droughts, flooding and more.

3. The cause, too much carbon dioxide and methane, is invisible and has no odor

4. How it works is difficult to explain, usually with a diagram full of arrows and much text

5. The scientists who have done impeccable research are conditioned to speak carefully lest they have missed something, so the force of their arguments is lost except to other scientists.

6. So the war-like mobilization that is necessary is not happening despite the efforts of scientific bodies.

However, as has been evident before, is simply that what humans can do has outrun their ability to understand themselves.

Perhaps the worst of all are two "phenomena." One is the total commitment of the fossil fuel companies to sell as much fuel as possible while knowing it was killing the planet. The second is the willingness of such a large number of people in the United States to not realize they are voting for a president who is, expect for bullying and lying, functionally illiterate and who is using them as fodder to further his own personal aims.

I. The Earth is dying. Why do we stand by and watch.

In my 78th year, an enormous sadness has come over me. I believe we have killed the ability of the earth in the long run to be a home for humanity.

I have spent my life learning (MIT '63, '65, '67) and photographing for over thirty years (above and When I was a child my hope was that before the time I reached this age the problems of my childhood would have succumbed to human intelligence and reasoning.

However, it is the continued burning of fossil fuels with the encouragement of the president (to the extent of at least talking about subsidies to the coal industry) that has put the entire world at grave risk.

Despite the warnings by Dr. James Hansen and the colossal eruptions of weather anomalies, fossil fuel emissions have continued to grow. Now the IPCC reports have become increasingly pessimistic. The report in the Guardian suggests we have only 12 years to make major reductions in our carbon emissions.

Perhaps an even more compelling summary in the Washington Post illuminates how drastic the IPCC considers the present situation. And this appeared prior to the news that the oceans are 60% warmer than previously thought.

The graph below (just like the one above except focusing on the present) is my attempt to project past results simply by extrapolation. The violet curve is a visual "curve fitting" based on modification of a single term exponential. The green line is an Excel 4th order polynomial expansion. It suggests approximately a 20 year limit for holding the rise to 2°C.

It jibes well with other, more sophisticated predictions. It is important to realize that these small numbers imply big changes. Empirically it has been found that a 50% increase in temperature implies approximately a 50% increase in the impact of warming. Accordingly a 100% increase (2°C) would imply a doubling of impact.

It is exceedingly important at this point not to mince words. If one adds up the heat waves, hurricanes, typhoons, sea level rise, wildfires, floods and drought and doubles them it will be as if a giant earthquake struck the entire planet. To stop this, we and every other nation, must turn ourselves inside out over the next 5 years so we can implement the necessary changes over the next 10 to 15 years. If the United States had a great leader, it would be possible. With Donald Trump in control, the earth is history.

II. Climate Change: An Invisible Deadly Threat

Climate change is an insidious process: slow compared to weather events, not experienced by everyone but violent and extreme ly destructive when it hits, and its effects cannot be reversed. It creates deadly heat, rising oceans, enormous wildfires, more intense hurricanes and typhoons, drought, disease and food shortages among other effects. Its intensity is measured by a somewhat odd scale, purported to be temperature, but that is not believed simply because up until the time I write this, the number is 1.0°C while, perhaps in India, the temperature is so high people are dying in their homes, and flocking to rivers to immerse themselves in order to cool off.

In other places there are violent storms or fires, etc. And yet the number publicized is still 1°C, and the task ahead is not to exceed 1.5°C. This does not compute. Non-scientists cannot make the connection and so with some level of apprehension go about their business once the weather event has passed.

On the other hand, my own early fears have turned to terror, not only because of what I know, but because I know how hard it is for most people to comprehend the process and therefore kick in full steam to change the world. It is very difficult to explain, based on a discussion on a calm day even after a hurricane, that the process is ongoing, will result in continually more extreme weather events and requires what is best described as a "panic" reaction. Yet the surrounding calm of a good day allows the daily political problems to take over and, in the absence of sufficiently strong global leadership, results in a seriously inadequate response. Where power supplies need to be replaced entirely by renewable systems, moderate utterly insufficient conservation measures may be impemented.

Perhaps even worse, our new president who would be expected to lead a fight against warming, is still oblivious of the problem. He is even considering subsidizing coal companies, the worst of the polluting power producers. This is beyond comprehension and simply illustrates that he knows or understands nothing.

To see what climate change is like with a 1°C temperature rise, click HERE TO SEE A SLIDE SHOW of a few examples around the globe keeping in mind that the consequences are likely to double at 2°C. The will be category 6 hurricanes and major cities underwater. It is the challenge of all time for humanity to find a way to pull itself together to avoid this.

There is one other critical issue: communication that everyone understands.

III. Definition & Consequences

I am quite sure climtatologists will find the following lacking, but I am making an attempt in order to further my own understanding.

1. Climate is determined by the distribution of thermal energy in the atmosphere of the planet.

2. The amount of energy in a given location is determined by input from the sun and movment of energy from place to place as determined by wind and air pressure (cold and warm fronts).

3. The gases that constitute the atmosphere respond in various ways to the input of thermal energy or the exit of thermal energy.

4. Prior to the introduction of man-made fire, the atmosphere of the earth had achieved a state of dynamic equalibrium, that is, averaged over long periods of time the conditions in any given location were stable in that average temperature in a given season stayed within a given range and the average of averages from year to year was very stable, sufficiently so that over perhaps a thousand year period, although parts of the climate would vary or move from place to place, the net effect of all the variations was essentially zero. In other words the climate was in an equalibrium state and variations only happend if the energy input from the sun varied. This variation could happen due to changes in the earths tilt, volcano eruptions, variations in the suns output and these phenomina would leave evidence that we can use to describe the climate over millions of years.

5. Short term variations were rare but did happen. The use of fire by man began as a minor input of carbon dixoide until the beginning of the industrial age. The issue then became how much total greenhouse gases would be added and whether they would destroy the equalibrium. To destroy the equalibrium would mean to change the composition of the atmosphere such that it would in turn change the earth so that it responded in an unpredictable way, perhaps by its average temperature increasing each year and having the rate of increase increase each year (i.e. the first derivative and second derivatives were positive); otherwise known as out of control.

6. This is potentiallly a catastrophic situation in that it can mean that the temperature exceeds those that man could aclimate to. If that became the case, then extinction of man is posssible. At some point, deaths could become so great that input of forcing gases gets low enough that the system comes to equalibrium again, but with a far smaller part of the planet inhabited.

IV. Understanding and Communicating

The media (especially the New York Times) just as most of the population, does not understand science and so it cannot write about it in a way that connects and moves one to do something. Scientists, on the other hand, may understand science, but do not talk in a language the world can understand. These two limitations (plus Donald Trump) are enough to do-in the world.

To make this completely clear, the name "Union of Concerned scientists requires revision. I am glad they are concerned by the coming death of the Earth, but we need something closer to war than concern.

My job after MIT was the fifth employee of Bose Corporation. Dr. Bose had been my mentor at MIT and when I opted out of another two or more years to do a doctoral dissertation he offered me a job. (I think in less than 10 seconds which makes me suspecious that he knew this was going to happen all along.)

My first position included quality control which meant assessing risks, somethng useful in looking at global warming.

After seven years I moved into marketing where the central task was to explain technical issues to a non-technical public. This was a far easier task than explaining global warming, but the idea was the same: you had to see the problem from the other person's perspective ("in anothers shoes") and make a translation. Then you had to decide what you wanted the other person to do (go to a store; make a phone call, etc.). However, with a loudspeaker, the only risk was not making a sale.

I have a picture in my mind of global warming. It is something like a wide stream, flowing along a bed of light colored sand with sun-dappled wavelettes and a large number of trout scattered through the stream. Some are alone, some in small groups, and others in great "schools."

For a long time this scene is placid and calm with many happy fish. Then a boater comes along with a rather large bucket of some clear fluid that he dumps overboard someplace down stream. This fluid slowly disperses itself but becomes more and more concentrated as as the fish move downstream. The effect of the fluid is to warm the water by reducing its ability to reflect sunlight. As the fish swim the water becomes warmer and warmer and they cannot tolerate it. They attempt to swim back, but the current is too strong, and they begin to die.

As time goes by the additional boats come and add more clear fluid until the only fish further upstream survive and then the question becomes of when the fluid reaches the spauning grounds. At present there is no reason to believe the fluid will not reach the spauning ground.

Oddly the men in the boats have forgotten that the fish are their foodstock and without them they will have nothing to eat. Of course the men in the boat is everyone who is burning fossil fuels.

The appropriate action is to drive away the men in the boat and to do it quickly. However it is impossible for the media to comprehend the extraordinary importance of doing this because a sense of the science that predicts it can only be acquired by being a scienctist or emmersing onself in a major science project.

The extraordinary recent successful effort to detect gravity waves gives a sense of the degree to which scientists will go to veify truth. However, in our present political environment the willingness of the president to say anything and the inability of a subtantial part of the public to even question his position, will have a profound effect on what happens on the earth. Important work can only be built upon truth. The combination of politician's actions and the medicore ability of the media to communicte will, barring some extraordinary developments, result in an earth less and less able to support a life worth living.

Scientists, however, err in the opposirte direction. Their commitment to absolute certainty in what they do, makes everything they say sound qualified and without the emotional urgency necessary to create action as if it were a war. Which it is.
Thoreau’s Pastime

V. Leaders and Followers

Leaders need followers, and it is at first a mystery why certain people are drawn to certain leaders.

For those who follow the news and observe carefully what is happening, Donald Trump has the potential to be more destructive to humanity than than any other leader in history. Partly it is his interference in the fight on global warming, but more so it is his willingness to lie, scheme and bully to get his way. In combination with an unwillingness to listen to advice he is a calamatous leader, a fetid stew of cruelity, irrationality, selfishness and stupidity.

A recent article in MIT News offers one explanation. The question is the ability to tell when someone is lying. The author described tests by psychologists that rated people on two scales: ability to detect a lie and reasoning ability. The conclusion was clear: if you could reason well, you had a much better chance of telling if someone was lying. This is a most fundamental problem and has many dimensions.

First, an ability to reason well implies a degree of self awareness, an appreciation of what you believe or tend to believe and why. This leaves you open to questioning any situation you confront. In its absence, whatever strikes a chord in you; whatever taps into what makes you comfortable is what you will believe.

One would hope that in today's society reasoning ability can be assumed, but it cannot be for a number of reasons. 1. It is usually not taught in schools; 2. Parents often don't have it and so do not teach it; 3. The media can be the opposite of rationality. Even illustrious gazettes such as the New York Times have failed completely, in my opinion to feature and explain global warming. From watching an interview with the editor, he struck me like most intellectuals who have no science background: an inability to appreciate the nature of the issue. The result is a population who makes their decissions on what their tribe believes rather than on what reason tells them.

One of Trump's worst characteristics is to lie as necessary to get what he wants. His strategy is to either suggest or directly state what a particular group of people is certain to or at least inclined to want to hear. It does not matter that the next group is inclined toward the opposite, he will simply tell them the opposite.

Sociologists know well that lies, even in the presence of their opposites, when repeated often enough will be believed or at least accepted as plausable.

We are learning to hate each other not knowing we all are the same. We are all Africans descended from the same tribes. We are all made of energy created in the big bang. We all started as brown and how white we became was determined by how far north our ancestors settled. Our bodies, searching for more vitamin D in a place with less sunlight, lightened the color of our skin.

We have incredible minds of which we use only a small part, rarely thinking deeply for ourselves. In America you can predict a belief in global warming by knowing which party or which church a person belongs to. A perfect example of tribalism in place of thinking.

Most of us do not know the universe that gave birth to us. We have not learned science or humanism, nor are we taught them. We have become people of two kinds: those that learn and those that burn. We must evolve very rapidly or we will not be at all.

Donald Trumps lemmings are following him as "believers" followed demigods through history. Evangelicals believe God will forgive Donald Trump so they and others of his base and all his followers can let themselves be fooled by a man who never tells the truth and wouldn't know if he did.

I believe that the greatest loss of our rigid beliefs is joy. As I read of the "kicks" so many recieve from owning and firing guns (which I have done) and turn to look at the photographs I have made in the course of a lifetime or sit at a magnificant piano and play a Chopin Scherzo that I have played seven or eight thousand times, I am pleased with the work I have done. In my limited way, I can converse with Chopin or with nature and continue learning. But I can learn to fire a gun in 20 seconds. The creator of our brains must experience a deep sadness for how little of it we use.

When I think of our president and his family and staff I feel anger, for he, above all others will be responsible for the death of this earth. He is the one person who could lead us and command the resources we need, but the most obvious of scientific events is to him a hoax.

But most of all I feel sadness for I cannot comprehend how any human can derive joy from scheming, lying, building walls, and turning away desperate people. I know something of the joys and satisfactions that come from knowing other's needs and working to satisfy them in my own way. It is why this website has as one of its addresses

I remember one meeting early in Donald Trump's presidency that he had with members of his cabinet and staff in which he figuratively got on his knees and begged for praise.

The real horror of this emptyness is the suffering it inflicts on others, for in the absence of praise comes the need for having the lives of others in the palm of his hand. And perhaps even more sad is the need to have his name stamped wherever possible including the earth and sky not knowing they mean no more than the last piece of paper stamped with the word "out."

However, I believe the greatest danger is being taken in by our raging bull of a president destroying whatever he chooses.

In "democratic" America there is infinite scheming over individuals by bastions of power and money. We have sold our government to the highest bidders. Citizens United was a "for-sale" sign for our government. Money is what buys anything including the right to destroy the earth. The vendors of fossil fuels have known for decades they were adding to the CO2 cancer covering the earth, yet they still know and still promote earth-destroying fuels and they have Donald Trump doing everything possible to help.

What makes us what we are? We inherited much from our hunter-gatherer forbears many overcame the worst of those inclinations. But the urge for control, money and power not only rules the world but brings us to the ultimate conondrum: why are we, by greed or failure to use the deeper part of our intelligence, willing to scrifice all later, for a little now. It is tearing me apart.

Is Donald Trump the man who will do anything for nothing or the man who will do nothing for anything. Following are expansions on some of the topics I mention above.

VI. This moment.
November 2018.


Just because it has not bothered you, we must all share the load of carbon reduction. Arizona air conditioners certainly put a load on the system.

My first copy of the Journal of Concerned Scientists just arrived and I skimmed it over dinner. The lead story is of a survey they just completed in conjunction with a group at the University of Iowa that specalizes in analyzing data from such surveys.

The topic was the influence the Trump admistration was having on scientists in government. There were 63,000 of them. Those that retire or leave are not being replaced. Budgets are being cut and scientists are being told what it is ok to write and what is not. Global warming is not to be mentioned.

This story will go on for some time. The trend is strongly in the direction of a warmer earth and the government in power cannot comprehend this or its implications. It is removing every regulation possible that restricts business profit.

As of this morning, November 9, 2018 a new wildfire in California has broken out so fast it has trapped numbers of people in a small town. If all emissions were stopped today, the earth would continue to warm only more slowly. As it warms it will eventually reach a place where it cannot supply water and food to the population, and the population will begin to decline and the earth will continue to warm.

Should we reach this place there is the question of whether there is another higher temperature equalibrium state at which the temperature will no longer rise and a much smaller segment of humananity survives. The alternative is that sometime soon, emissions are reduced dramaticallly and substantial negative emissions are implemented that start reducing the CO2 level with a target of around 350 ppm. The fortunate part is that the Democratic party is based on a growing population and the Republician party on a shrinking one.

The entire situation has turned into a kind of ultimate morality play, with a villian and his henchmen on one side who either don't care if the earth survives or simply are so uncomprehending, they don't realize they are killing the earth and with it their own means of sustenance.

On the side of the "good guys" are multitudes working towards the right goals, multitudes aware that a war is taking place but don't know what to do.

It reminds me of a dream I once had that I was in a play in New York and was leaving a brightly lit but empty theater and stage. I had an ominous feeling, being alone and the lights, although bright seemed to have a smokie dark tinge to them, something you could only experience in a dream. As I exited the side door into the streets of the city, I had this uncomfortable feeling that I was leaving the only lights that were on and as I looked into the distance everything seemed to vanish into a an increasingly frightening dark void. I felt as if I were the only person left in the world.
Westerlund 2 — Hubble’s 25th anniversary image
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